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Various groups around the political spectrum speak out for the freedom of Todd Stimson! 

Rep. Nathan Ramsey makes a few eyebrow-raising comments about medical cannabis (about 4:00 in).  Very passionate video about a mother who NEEDS medical cannabis for her child.  

My opponent has already served longer than our first Mayor.  His inaction that caused a SWAT raid on Todd Stimson's house, in which a gun was pointed in the face of a child, and his unwillingness to admit the case has no standing, is not acceptable and cannot be tolerated in a free society.

We need a new voice to bring FLETCHER FORWARD!

I will bring an independent-minded philosophy to the Town of Fletcher, with preferential treatment to none, and JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Recent submission to local media

It’s time for conservatives to embrace medical cannabis

Dennis Justice

Sept. 29, 2013

The recent remarks by Senator John McCain that maybe it is time that cannabis should be legalized only adds to the growing list of conservatives and/or Republicans who support legalization to some level.  That list also includes William F. Buckley, Thomas Sowell, Judge Andrew Napolitano, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Tom Tancredo, Bob Barr, Michelle Malkin, and even Pat Robertson.  It also includes me.

My decision to enter the race for Mayor of Fletcher was based mainly on the un-Godly no-knock raid on Todd Stimson’s house.  Ironically, about that time I had applied for the Fletcher Parks and Recreation Supervisor job.  Although I was on the “other side” for years, like many others I wasn’t hardcore.  I opposed the unjust incarceration of Tommy Chong for endorsing a company that sold bongs, knowing his arrest was a publicity stunt.  I am also a states’ rights advocate.  If other states want to legalize pot, that’s their business, not mine. 

When I heard that guns were pointed at the face of a little girl, it troubled my conscience.  I saw almost universal condemnation of the raid on Facebook plug-ins and message boards, stating there is no way a SWAT raid was justified.  One poster listed a similar court case in Arizona, challenging the constitutionality of the tax stamp due to Fifth Amendment double jeopardy rights.  Similar court cases exist in North Carolina and other states.

My conscience couldn’t take it anymore and I had to run for Mayor.  The Town of Fletcher was complicit in Stimson’s entrapment by accepting tax stamp money for local law enforcement.  They had 2 ½ years to either prevent the business from forming or shut it down in a standard confiscation raid (but not charge Stimson due to the illegal tax stamp) and failed to do so.  The current Mayor’s own over-delegation to the police department allowed a dangerous SWAT raid to occur that endangered children.   Pointing a gun at an unarmed girl was the last straw.

The more I researched about medical cannabis, the more I realized I was in the wrong all along.  Three videos I challenge conservatives to find on YouTube are “Inside Man” on medical marijuana, CNN’s “Weed” documentary, and “The Union” documentary about marijuana.  The “Weed” documentary features Charlotte Figi, who was having 300 grand mal seizures a week due to Dravet Syndrome, an extreme form of epilepsy.  It’s hard to watch her have a seizure and not cry.  Anyone who can watch that video and decide that medical cannabis didn’t save her life is not human. 


By simply acknowledging that medical cannabis can save lives, one must conclude that the schedule one narcotic classification, given to us by the Nixon Administration in 1972, is inherently wrong.  For that classification, a drug has to be highly addictive (highly debatable, cannabis is no more addictive than caffeine), cannot have any known medical use (cannabis has been known as a treatment for about 200 diseases), and cannot be administered by a physician (states with medical cannabis allow just that).  Remove that classification and the “house of cards” falls.

Any official who takes an oath of office in this state, according to Chapter 11 of General Statutes, must be an “avenger of falsehoods.”  They cannot lie, live a lie, or even permit lies to prosper.  Even if the falsehood comes from federal law, it must be opposed.  The reason no local official dares to defend Stimson is out of comfort, not conscience.  This is why we need new leaders. 

The fact that state Republican “leaders” fail to point out the illegal tax stamp came from Democrats, and that the war on marijuana actually started with FDR in 1937 based in fear, only points out both parties are equally guilty for playing games with this issue.  The Republicans have their own special interests to protect, including pharmaceutical firms, for-profit prisons, law enforcement, and ministers who still have the “Reefer Madness” mentality, unwilling to adapt and not serving the 85% of Americans who now support legalizing medical marijuana (according to Fox News).  

Big government is wrong government no matter who proposes it.  Both parties are creating a permanent underclass with nearly 800,000 arrests a year over plants.  Un-American! 

There is no drug yet invented more dangerous or addictive than government.  Government is touted as a stimulant, but it is actually as a depressant and a hallucinogen.  The most common strains are “Democrat” and “Republican.”  The biggest pushers of those strains are special interest groups who are not looking out for common Americans.  If you’re a conservative who supports individual and states’ rights, join us and defend Todd Stimson!  Legalize medical cannabis and industrial hemp now!

When you have to point guns in the faces of children to make your point, you’ve already lost the argument. 



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